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Month: December, 2010


Earlier this week, my great-grandparents stopped by to meet me on their way down to Austin for Christmas. I got to wear my pretty outfit that great-grandma Ruth picked out for me before I was even born.

Photo Shoot #1

Since mommy’s a photographer, are you really that surprised? But I have to say, I wasn’t really in the mood, so it was very short. I needed my beauty rest. Awesome headband made by mommy’s friend Lauren!

First Bath

Oh boy. Baths can be quite unnerving for babies like us. I mean, we just have no clue what the heck is going on! I think that’s why I didn’t really cry – but according to GG and my Aunt Hannah, I sure did pout!

First Week

Well, my first week of life wasn’t too bad. At the hospital, all the nurses ooo’d and aaahhhh’d over my cuteness. And whenever I cried, they came running. Good service. Home is way different than the hospital, but it ain’t so bad. I get to hang out with mommy & daddy quite a bit. Tele […]