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Month: March, 2011


Welp, last night I started teething. Oh joy. Mommy checked on me a few hours after I had gone to bed, and she noticed I was stirring quite a bit. Way more than usual. And sure enough, at 3:00 am, I started feeling the ouchies. Daddy decided to bring me in and snuggle with me […]

Photo Shoot #3

Well, mommy thought it was time for some father-daughter pictures. And I couldn’t have agreed with her more! I look so much like daddy that it’s hard to miss! My onesie was a gift from the sweet ladies at Starbucks who know daddy. My headband was made by mommy’s friend Lauren.

Mornin’ Baby

I think I got the morning bug from mommy. This morning, she decided to videotape what I’m like in the morning when I wake up. Mainly because for the past week, I’ve been waking up 2-3x a night again. We think it’s just because I’m growing and stuff. But LAST night, I slept from 9:00 […]

Me & Cousin Eden

Last week, mommy & daddy took a day trip to Austin. He was attending some audio gear demo thingy, so mommy hung out with my Uncle Jason & Aunt TJ. And of course, my cousin Eden. Towards the end of our visit, mommy left to pick up daddy and get some dinner. So Aunt TJ […]