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Month: April, 2011


It appears that I have discovered a new vocal range! Watch out, Mariah Carey – here I come!


While Asian Grandpa was in town, he was nice enough to buy me a new toy! Mommy had been wanting to get me one for a while, just because I needed to spend more time off my back and she gets tired from carrying me all the time. Mommy says to ignore the mess behind […]

iPhone Photos #6

Me & Aunt Hannah. I loves her! Me & Miss Londi. Future babysitter. Me & the Pirtle boys. Cute blanket/mat lamb head thingy from the Harringtons in New Mexico. I don’t quite know what I’m supposed to do with it … so I’m gonna chew on it.


Okay, so yesterday, mommy & daddy gave me cereal for the first time. And the timing kinda worked out perfectly because as soon as daddy was done giving me my bottle, I was still hungry and crying. But as soon as mommy put that first spoonful in my mouth … well, you’ll see. 🙂