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Month: August, 2011

Pullin’ Myself Up

Okay, so Uncle Brandon is still working on those technical issues, but at least I can still show videos! Here’s the latest one of me, crawling fast as a lighting bug and pulling myself up onto my feet! I LOVE the mini-fridge that’s in my room because it’s kinda like a mirror. And I like […]

Technical Difficulties

Sorry people, but I am having some trouble uploading photos to my blog for some reason – and without pictures of me, this website would be pretty useless, no? Mommy’s web guy Uncle Brandon (everyone’s an uncle now!) is working on it for me. We will resume our regularly-scheduled blogging as soon as possible. Thanks!

iPhone Photos #13

New dress from my G.G! Me & Dexter. Yes, I’m bigger than him. My new favorite thing to do

Watching Me Sleep #1

Mommy loves watching me sleep through the baby monitor.