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Month: September, 2011

iPhone Photos #15

Watching church online on mommy’s iPad! Daddy was playing that weekend. Sharing my toys with Tele Enjoying my first lemon. I didn’t make a weird face or anything! Play time Look how tall I am!

Mommy’s Girl

There’s no question that I look a lot like daddy, but when my Asian Grandpa sent mommy these pictures, we began to realize that I kinda look like her too! Especially my hair. That’s mommy when she was a baby! Taken on something called “film.”

Feedin’ Myself

iPhone Photos #14

Chillin’ with my Auntie Meredith Naptime on/with Uncle George Playing with daddy’s recording equipment. Look at all the lights and knobs! If you give me a breadstick, I’ll know what to do with it I had my 9-month checkup on Monday, and everything is looking good! I am in the 70th percentile for height and […]