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Month: November, 2011


So last week while I was at Asian Grandma’s for Thanksgiving, I decided to climb her stairs! And of course, mommy happened to put me in a dress that was rather short. 🙂

What I’m Thankful For

1. Sweet potato fries!!!!! 2. Daddy’s chest. It’s nice to rub my face on it. 3. Tele the dog. We’re besties. 4. Friends & family. 5. Cereal puffs. 6. Mommy’s arms of steel. I like her to carry me. 7. Big, soft toys to wrestle with. 8. Pasta (any shape or size). 9. Neo the […]

Product Promotion #5

Whenever I get really fussy (and mommy doesn’t want to can’t hold me), the Fresh Beat Band always puts me in a better mood! As soon as I hear their music, even if it’s on the other side of the house, I stop what I’m doing to listen. And now that I’m learning how to […]

Walkin’ (Kinda Sorta)