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Month: January, 2012

Havin’ Fun

My Aunt TJ & Uncle Jason sure do like to make me laugh!

Product Promotion #6

I’ve been having a runny nose for the past few days due to my allergies, so mommy & daddy have been using this product A LOT lately: They got this as a gift from my Aunt TJ & Uncle Jason, and to be honest, they were hoping they would never have to use it. Sucking […]


We’ve discovered my new favorite toy! Last week while I was visiting my Auntie Sarah & Uncle Brad, he found a lacrosse ball in his office for me to play with. And I LOVED it! I’m a little under the weather today – my allergies are flaring up, so there is a lot of snot […]

The Zoo

Yesterday, I went to the zoo for the second time! It was a little bit cold, but it wasn’t super busy and it was half price. Plus, I had a great time hanging out with my Asian Grandma, cousin Eden, Aunt TJ & Uncle Jason!