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Month: April, 2012

Product Promotion #8

Bear-Bear is my favorite. For now anyway. Mommy cannot remember for the life of her who got it for me, but she sure is glad they did! In fact, she’s contemplating buying another one just in case something happens to Bear-Bear. She is soft, cuddly, and out of all my soft toys, she’s the one […]


It appears that I had just had a major growth spurt recently. I am getting really tall, my 18-24m jeans & shorts are kinda snug already, and my hair grew overnight! And you know what that means. Pigtails, baby.


So many things are happening! When I was at my last doctor’s appointment, he said that I had 20 months’ worth of teeth. I was only 14 months old then! That explains why I’ve been wanting my pacifier a lot lately, but mommy has discovered that I’m starting to chew right through some of them. […]

iPhone Photos #20

Mommy told me to smile for the camera. So I did! Helping Tele with her food. Tele trying to help me with my food. Drawing for the first time. It was okay.