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Month: June, 2012

Water Baby

I love me a water fountain!         Tomorrow, we are heading to New Mexico to visit daddy’s family. Check out mommy’s blog for daily updates!

Me & Auntie Lauren

Goodness, I’ve been having fun with a lot of people lately! Mommy & daddy asked Auntie Lauren to watch me while they went out to eat with some friends. She had never watched a baby before, but I didn’t do anything too horrendous. We played on the piano, walked around outside, she fed me dinner […]

Me & Baby Levi

Last week, my friend Miss Molly Kate got a baby brother! Mommy & I went to visit him in the hospital when he was just 3 days old.  

Me, Jake & Noah

A couple of weeks ago, mommy & daddy had to take their CHL class, so I got to spend the day with Auntie Jenny & her 2 boys Jake & Noah! Auntie Jenny was so excited about having another girl in the house that she went a little nuts with the camera phone. 🙂                      […]