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Month: December, 2012

I’m In New Mexico

We’re in the Land of Enchantment for Christmas! I’m having a TON of fun getting spoiled by so many people. Check out mommy’s blog for daily updates. Since I’m so special and all, I got to open my very first present early. Merry Christmas!

Talkin’ Up A Storm!

Oh boy, my vocabulary has exploded! Most of it is just babbling, but goodness, do I babble A LOT! Mommy tried to get it on video, but every time she whips out her phone at me, I stop & say “cheeeese!” Whenever I see daddy now, I say, “Hey babe!” Because that’s what he says […]

Daddy-Daughter Breakfast Date

A couple of weeks ago, Uncle Phil had a brilliant idea. He told daddy that they should do a Daddy-Daughter Breakfast date. So we did! And I had a blast with Molly Kate. Apparently, she had a great time too. Her mommy later told me that MK kept saying, “I had breakfast with Annie!!!!” Daddy […]

Two Years

Well, can you believe it? I turned TWO on Wednesday. This time around, mommy said she literally kept forgetting that my birthday was coming up. Last year, she had this big elaborate party planned out. But apparently, lots of mommies make a big deal for the first birthday and then forget about two. Something about […]