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Month: February, 2013


Ian’s Evil Laugh

I started doing this after hearing Ian do his “evil” laugh (on Olivia).

Valentine’s Day :: Part 2

Well, the original plan was to make cupcakes with mommy. But it didn’t end up working out, so she made them while I took a ferociously long nap (I’ve been out way too many nights in the last 2 weeks). Then daddy surprised us girls with flowers AND dresses from Roxy! Which we wore to dinner […]

Valentine’s Day :: Part 1

Well apparently, Valentine’s Day started early for me this year! But not because of mommy – no, mommy is terrible at this kind of stuff. But my Auntie Jenny is awesome at this kind of stuff! She threw a big V-day party for all the kids yesterday! Can you believe how incredible she is?? She […]