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Month: October, 2013


Here’s a big one: I’m potty trained! Kinda. No really, for the most part, I am. The only times I’m not is when I’m sleeping and when I’m at preschool. Mommy doesn’t really know how I learned other than maybe I was ready and old enough to understand. She’s been potty training me on and […]


Speaking of Daniel Tiger, one of his songs was the first that I learned completely on my own. Mommy caught it on camera. Please excuse the intense nose-picking in the middle of the video.

Product Promotion #14

I’ve started loving a whole slew of tv shows lately. But there’s only one that takes the cake: This is Daniel Tiger. He is the cartoon equivalent to Mr. Rogers. And I ADORE him. He lives in a neighborhood with his parents, goes to school on a trolley and has friends and teachers. They present […]