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Month: April, 2015

Asian Grandma’s House

Well, my Asian Grandma sold her beautiful house this week. Baby Z and I spent the night with her so that mommy & daddy could have a night out. We enjoyed getting spoiled by her! It turned out to be quite an adventurous couple of days for Asian Grandma. First, a HUGE thunderstorm rolled through […]

Photo Shoot #14

A couple of months ago when my Aunt Hannah got married, daddy’s cousin Aunt Libby snuck in a quick photo shoot with us while she was in town! She’s a baby photographer down in Austin where she lives, and while the main subject of the shoot was my baby brother, we of course had to […]

More Chinese Class

Here are some more pictures and videos of me in Chinese class!

iPhone Photos #34

On a lunch date with daddy. Mommy can’t fix my hair in the bun for dance class, so she asked Molly Kate’s daddy Uncle Phil to do it for her. He did a much better job! Baby Z LOVES being in my room with me! And there’s my Uncle Jason to the right blow-drying my […]