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Month: August, 2015


Summer is almost over. And boy, was it a doozy. For about 2 weeks there, we hit over 100F EVERY DAY. It was brutal. So we stayed inside most days, which is enough to drive an extroverted girl like myself crazy. I’ve been continuing my Chinese education once a week through the summer. It gives […]

Fun with Asian Grandpa

The day after we got back from Frisco, Asian Grandpa came to stay with us for one whole week! He comes over from Hong Kong every summer to see us, and this was his first time meeting baby Z.   One afternoon, he took care of me and Z all day while mommy & daddy […]


Earlier this week, we all had a mini “staycation” in Frisco, about 25 minutes away from where we live. We rented an awesome hotel, went shopping, went swimming, and ate lots of ice cream. It was awesome. Daddy has been working a lot for the past few weeks, so he really wanted to get away […]