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Month: March, 2016

My First Big Ouchie

So last Sunday over a week ago, I was at church with mommy, running around in the hallway. I tripped on my new converse-like shoes, fell, and smacked my face into the corner of a door frame. Ouchie! I cried and cried and immediately got a HUGE bump on my forehead. Everyone rushed around to […]

Tappy & Clappy

Here I am singing a song about … something … that I learned … somewhere … Please excuse my brother’s whining. And my near butt-crack appearance.


So beyond preschool, dance class, summer swimming class & Chinese class, I also just started taking piano lessons! Mommy and daddy said they might even enroll me in a tae kwon do class in the fall (“to learn some discipline & respect” they said). We love my preschool so much that Zachary will be attending […]

iPhone Photos #39