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Month: July, 2016

Product Promotion #23

Mommy has found a new breakfast bar that is healthy! After years of having sugar cereal or sugar yogurt or sugar bars, Mommy wanted to find something healthy and also something that was easy for me to get on my own. We tried out a few Larabars one day, and I loved the ones with […]

Date with Daddy

Can I just say that I LIVE for day dates with daddy??? I mean, he takes me to the best girlie places, and we always get a sweet treat while we’re out. He says when I get a bit older, he’ll start taking me out to fancy dinner dates. I CANNOT WAIT!

Dance Recital

A few weeks ago, I had my dance recital! Here we all were, our first times in our costume for pictures. Daddy took video of our dress rehearsal. I start out in the back, and then I make my way to the front left. Also, I was quite adamant about telling another girl where she […]