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Month: September, 2017

Lake City

So this summer, our family vacation was the mountains: Lake City, CO! We had been once before when I was younger, so we were excited to go back. Plus, we were going with all of our friends from church! I’m pretty sure there were 2x more kids than grown ups! The car ride was long. […]

Wacky Week

Back in June, I had my first chance to go to Wacky Week for the big kids! Last year, I went to Wacky Week Jr, and that was fun. But goodness, the big kids get to do some awesome things!! For 3 days, mommy dropped me off for a few hours at church. I got […]

Photo Shoot #16

My Aunt Hannah and Uncle Matt took these photos of us while we were in Emporia, KS this summer. We were all there to visit my great-grandparents and to support my Grandpa in the Dirty Kanza bike race! So it was a long weekend of aunts, uncles & lots of cousins!

Dance Recitals

Before summer break, I got to show off my skills in my dance recitals! I actually learned TWO different dances that semester. I was supposed to take part in the great big fancy end-of-the-year dance show, but we were going to be in Kansas. I still got a fancy costume out of it, though.