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Month: October, 2017


This summer, I took swimming lessons again from Mr. Kaleb. It’s my 3rd year, 4th year doing it? Mommy can’t remember. But I’m getting really good now! This year, mommy and Auntie Tiffany coordinated together, and all of us kids were in the same class together! Except for Baby Chessa – she’s too young. WE […]

Asian Grandpa

It’s always such a special treat when Asian Grandpa visits us every summer. He always comes with an entire suitcase filled with goodies for us. I got a beautiful parasol, lots of snacks from Hong Kong, toys and puzzles. Mommy is quite embarrassed that she didn’t take more pictures of his time here – we […]


This summer, I got a special treat from my grandparents: they flew me out to New Mexico to spend a week with them! Don’t worry, Gigi flew with me both ways. 🙂 Here I am at the airport with her, waiting for our flight out. The week was spent seeing all my awesome aunts and […]