Flower Girl

My Aunt Hannah got married last week! She was nice enough to choose me to be her flower girl, and I was SO excited about the whole thing! I kept asking everyone when the wedding was, if they were going, and I could not wait to wear my beautiful white and gold dress.

Mommy & daddy were a little worried that I would not perform my duties well, but everything turned out great. Instead of my walking down the aisle by myself throwing rose petals, Aunt Hannah decided to let me walk down the aisle with my 3rd cousin Will, who was the ring bearer. He is daddy’s cousin’s son. I also decided in the middle of the ceremony that my shoes were hurting me. So I sat down in front of everybody to take off my shoes, and apparently, I showed everyone my bright pink underwear! Oh well. We all had a wonderful time!

These are pictures from family members. If we get pictures from the photographer, I will post those, too.

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IMG_3516 copy IMG_3531 copy
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The real deal!
IMG_3545 copy IMG_3546 copy IMG_3547 copy IMG_3548 copy10999902_1065476176800780_5715988076895924670_n 10994334_1065475890134142_4241473703663255557_n 11024620_1065476063467458_6362051479054315829_n

During the reception, I didn’t want to sit next to mommy & daddy – I wanted to sit next to my friend Molly Kate!
IMG_3373 copy IMG_3376 copy

And there is my beautiful Aunt Hannah and my new Uncle Matt! I love them both very much.

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