This summer, I took swimming lessons again from Mr. Kaleb. It’s my 3rd year, 4th year doing it? Mommy can’t remember. But I’m getting really good now!

This year, mommy and Auntie Tiffany coordinated together, and all of us kids were in the same class together! Except for Baby Chessa – she’s too young. WE WERE SO EXCITED!!!!

We all did really well! I can’t wait to go back next summer with Molly Kate and Levi! And maybe next year, Baby Chessa will be old enough to join us!

Asian Grandpa

It’s always such a special treat when Asian Grandpa visits us every summer. He always comes with an entire suitcase filled with goodies for us. I got a beautiful parasol, lots of snacks from Hong Kong, toys and puzzles.

Mommy is quite embarrassed that she didn’t take more pictures of his time here – we were just having so much fun together!


This summer, I got a special treat from my grandparents: they flew me out to New Mexico to spend a week with them! Don’t worry, Gigi flew with me both ways. 🙂 Here I am at the airport with her, waiting for our flight out.

The week was spent seeing all my awesome aunts and playing with my amazing cousins Tristan and Easton. They took me shopping, Grandpa taught me how to tie my shoelaces, Auntie Ruthie took me to see a movie – it was so much fun! Oh, and because my parents told me I had to try everything that was served to me, I discovered that I LOVE cheeseburgers! (I had always previously refused any kind of hamburger or sandwich before.)

Lake City

So this summer, our family vacation was the mountains: Lake City, CO! We had been once before when I was younger, so we were excited to go back. Plus, we were going with all of our friends from church! I’m pretty sure there were 2x more kids than grown ups!

The car ride was long. We left immediately after a long weekend at church, spent the night halfway, and then drove the rest of the way. We made a pit stop in Creede to load up on groceries (and get caught in a rain storm!).

The next day, the fun began! We found a water gun and tried shooting water at the trees.

We took a little hike up the hill where our lodge was located to see the spectacular view!

And of course, the adults organized a smores party for us kids!

We drove to nearby Lake San Cristobal and played in the oooey gooey sticky mud!

We drove “downtown” and played in their park.

Auntie Jen painted our nails one day!

We also played mini golf one day!

Daddy took me fishing one day. I was kinda impatient and bored, but I ended up catching 2 big fish!

All in all, us kids had a BLAST! Mommy & daddy said it was too much work for them to really be able to relax, so next time, I’ve been told we will go to the beach! HURRAY!