First Day of School

This year was my first year 1) in full-time school, and 2) in public school. And guess what? No surprise, I LOVE IT!!!

Daddy takes me to school most days, and he walked me in for my first day.

It was a bit of an adjustment for all of us: early drop-off, making lunches, etc. It took about a week for mommy & daddy to feel human again, but we’ve got it all down now! So far, I am reading on a 2nd grade level, and comprehending everything else exactly where I should be. I do need to work on my handwriting and spelling (I’ve been told I get my creative spelling from my daddy). But I’ve already:

made a new best friend (Sophie)
been assigned to help my classmate Avalin (who has diabetes)
“helped” teach my class (they didn’t really listen to me)
been chosen as Student of the Month (for kindness)
been on a field trip to the Dallas Aquarium (daddy came as a chaperone)
watched baby ducklings hatch (as part of a science lesson)
been assigned to a book club (since my reading is advanced)

I do get excited on days when I don’t have school because I can “sleep in” (which means I basically sleep 15 minutes longer), but I am always excited when Monday rolls around!


This summer, I took swimming lessons again from Mr. Kaleb. It’s my 3rd year, 4th year doing it? Mommy can’t remember. But I’m getting really good now!

This year, mommy and Auntie Tiffany coordinated together, and all of us kids were in the same class together! Except for Baby Chessa – she’s too young. WE WERE SO EXCITED!!!!

We all did really well! I can’t wait to go back next summer with Molly Kate and Levi! And maybe next year, Baby Chessa will be old enough to join us!