Product Promotion #9

Forget Bear-Bear. I’m all about Bunny now.

Shortly after that post on Bear-Bear, I left her at my friend Miss Harper’s house. It took mommy about a month to get her back because she kept forgetting. I never cried for her or missed her that much – I got Bunny as an Easter present from my Gigi & Pop-Pop, and I loved him instantly. It’s a boy, right? Cuz he’s blue/gray.

Anyway, mommy did finally get Bear-Bear back and I was happy to see her. But if I had to choose between the two, I prefer Bunny now. I snuggle with her to fall asleep, and even in the mornings, mommy will find me standing up in my crib ready to go with Bunny in my arms. Thank you, Gigi & Pop-Pop!


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