Swimmin’ with Mr. Kaleb

A few months ago, mommy & daddy heard about Mr. Kaleb’s Swim School from their friends. They all said he was the best. So they signed me up for lessons: 1 hour a day for 5 days in a row. Parents aren’t allowed to watch until the last day. That made mommy a little nervous, not because she was scared for me but because she hoped Mr. Kaleb knew how to handle a screaming, crying child.

Oh boy, does he. Mr. Kaleb is very firm, but I learned how to hold my breath under water and kick and all that. He knows how to get our attention and get us to focus. Mommy & daddy likes that he didn’t baby me or let me cry much. And you know what? I didn’t cry at all during the actual lessons, just when mommy dropped me off.

Each lesson consisted of 5 parts. The first was using the kickboard. I liked this. I didn’t have to get my face wet, just hold onto the board and kick my feet. Mr. Kaleb said I’m not the best kicker, but when I’m on the kickboard, I’m more focused on keeping my balance.

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The next part was learning to go underwater. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind it too much either. Well, I say that now. I probably cried the first few times. Or maybe I didn’t. Nobody will ever know since there was no documentation.

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The next part was actual swimming. I would swim from Mr. Kaleb to another instructor, and then back again. We did this several times. Again, not much kicking from me. But I should get better at that as I get older.

_NBP3238 _NBP3239 _NBP3240 _NBP3241 _NBP3256 _NBP3258 _NBP3261 _NBP3263

This next part was not my favorite: jumping into the pool. Because I’m the youngest in the class, my skill level is not quite the same as the other kids. So Mr. Kaleb helped me jump in by holding my hands, but it still took a little bit of convincing from him.

_NBP3290 _NBP3292 _NBP3309 copy

The next part was diving for rings. And it was the only time I whimpered a little bit during the class, but Mr. Kaleb said I did great! He threw 2 rings into the deep end of the pool (8 feet), and we would dive for them together. He taught my parents what kind of warning signs to look for if I ran out of air (making noises, blowing bubbles, etc). But he said that I never made any noise, was super smooth and he even held me with just one hand while I picked up the rings. “It’s awesome!” he said.

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The last part was not my favorite. Mommy could tell because I looked really nervous before I had to do it.


Mr. Kaleb helped me float on my back. He never let go of my hands, but it’s definitely not my favorite thing to do.

_NBP3373 _NBP3379 _NBP3380

All in all, mommy & daddy are super impressed. Even Asian Grandma was there to cheer me on, and she was so proud of me. Because I’m wasn’t the best kicker, Mr. Kaleb said it would definitely benefit me to take his class for one more week this summer (and definitely next year when I’m older). So guess what, I got signed up for one more week of lessons. Mommy & daddy took me to the pool as often as they could to help me practice, and Mr. Kaleb said he could tell a big difference.

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