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Christmas Time!

This Christmas season, we decided to stay home and enjoy local festivities. First, we went to the tree lighting in a town about 20 minutes away. It’s a place we like to go to when we need a mini staycation because the city is beautiful and very family-friendly. As you can see, I got my […]

Seven Years

I went to school like normal, where they celebrated my birthday! Mommy even made special unicorn cupcakes for me to bring to class, and my classmates said it was the best cupcakes they had ever had!! And then at home, I was greeted with balloons! And then presents!! We ate at the Cheesecake Factory for […]

1st Grade (Fall Semester)

Check out all of the things I’ve been doing in school!

Date With Daddy

On our last date, daddy took me to Legoland! I was really bored at first and only wanted to go to the store (to buy something, duh), but daddy convinced me to stay and look around and actually play with the stuff. It was pretty fun!